Thursday, April 28, 2005

The life of tech support

Do people just not believe Tech Support staff?

I got a voice mail this morning from a Palm PDA user. He was thinking of switching to a BlackBerry to have a single device. He asked if we could sync his Palm data (using Palm Desktop) with the BB. I left him a voice mail stating that we could do some importing/exporting but that he would have to use Lotus Notes to sync with the BB. He sent me the following e-mail:

> > I may not want to use a Blackberry after what you told me about
> > syncing to Lotus - I do not like nor want to use Lotus with my pda.
> > My current pda, a Sony Clie, is working beautifully with palm
> > software, which I greatly prefer to Lotus; also I cannot sync on
> > weekends to Lotus, so that's not an option.
> > Does the BB software not have a similar desktop program like Palm
> > software I can use and sync to even away from the LAN ?

To that I replied:

>> Blackberry can only sync to either MS Outlook or Lotus Notes. It
>> doesn't have it's own desktop application. It sounds like you may do
>> best to stick to the Palm platform.

Then I get the following:

>> Do you know for a fact that it will not sync to my current Palm
>> desktop software?

The final word from me was simply:

>> It will not sync with Palm Desktop

So I believe I told him in two voice mails and two e-mails that the BB would not sync with the Palm Desktop.


Greg Simmons said...

Um...what part of "NO!" don't you understand.

Hey YOU! Here's your sign!


Patrick said...

Wait on second thought.... I tested and re tested, then tested once again, but maybe you can get it to work....
In other words if you are going to ask me a question, please accept my answers. Duh!!! Stupid people....