Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova

I really got into Rock Star: INXS last year (as did Greyhawk). I've been watching the premier of this season's Rock Star dedicated to finding someone to front the new rock band Supernova. I think we'll be seeing some good, straight-up rock-n-roll with this band. We're talking about Tommy Lee on drums (Motley Crüe), bassist Jason Newsted (Metallica), and guitarist Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses). They should be pretty wild...

I don't think Peter or Chris will make it too far. Chris did a modernized, rock version of Roxanne. It wasn't too bad, but it didn't really work for him and Supernova didn't like it. Some of the gals really did great jobs. The "House Band" is awesome! I'm really digging them because they are Gibson guys. Between the two guitarists I've seen 3 Les Pauls and a doubleneck SG! A couple of songs had some Fenders, but I'll forgive them! I had to pull out my Les Paul and jam along with some of them! Lukas just performed and did a great job.

After this show, here are my top 5 picks in performance order. We'll see how well I did come September!

Toby - Heaven's Door - I think he has some potential if he can rock out.
Zayra - Did an Evanescence song really well
Jenny - Maybe it was just because she played a Les Paul, but she performed really well too
Dilana - She's from Africa and performed Nirvana's Lithium. She really rocked it out and everyone loved it
Lukas - I was typing, but he did a Bowie song, I think. I think they saved the best for last.


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