Thursday, December 20, 2007

Domino 8: 101 - Unread Marks Enhancements

Anyone who has worked with Domino mail replicas knows that there is a history of problems with unread mark synchronization. With Domino 8, there have been at least two areas of improvements.

First of all, there is a new notes.ini setting: ADMINP_EXCHANGE_ALL_UNREAD_MARKS=1. This new setting is available for Domino 6.5.6, 7.0.3, and 8.0. It is detailed in Technote 1245043. This setting will exchange all unread marks in new replicas created via the Administration Process (instead of only the default 90 days worth). Also, it requires that only the source server be running the fixed version of the server code.

Secondly is a new option in the Create Replica(s) dialog box. As depicted in the graphic below, there is a new option to "Exchange Unread marks on replication":

This works very similarly to the notes.ini setting described above. If the source server is at Domino 8.0*, then the Administration Process will "attempt to match all of the unread marks from the source database with the target database."

* - I had hoped that this would work with Domino 6.5.6 or 7.0.3 servers like the notes.ini setting, but it does not. The source server and Administrator Client have to both be at 8.0 or higher.

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Pere Martinez said...

Hi Chris!

I've foud your post about the ADMINP_EXCHANGE_ALL_UNREAD_MARKS=1 notes.ini setting and maybe will help me.

I'm moving users from the server A (Lotus Domino 6.5.1 Sun OS 5.8) to the new server B (Lotus Domino 8.5.1 Linux). Clients are all 6.5.x. The new replica is been made via the adminp proceess, like you explain in your post. Aleatory, I've found that the unread marks are not the same when users open their mail database.

I oppened a PMR and they said me that I have to upgrade the clients to the 8.5.1 version ???!!

Do you think if I upgrade the server to the 6.5.6 version and put the notes.ini setting it would mantain the unread marks?

Thanks a lot for your collaboration!