Friday, September 21, 2012

Roundup of some other posts on the Gospel of Jesus's Wife

I wanted to throw some more links out there to follow up from my post the other day. Some of these I've either found through searching or they've come through some of my RSS feeds. In my opinion, this great find will be all but forgotten within a few years. Does anyone remember the Gospel of Judas controversy from just 6 years ago? And what has become of that now?

Below are some links you should check out (from people far more knowledgeable in these matters than I).

Gospel of Jesus's Wife (Updated) -
Yet another question about the so-called Gospel of Jesus' Wife -
Reality Check: The “Jesus’ Wife” Coptic Fragment - Daniel B. Wallace
Even Professor King did not suggest that this fragment means that Jesus had a wife (and she is not known for her conservative views!): “its possible date of composition in the second half of the second century argues against its value as evidence for the life of the historical Jesus.” If it goes back to a second-century tradition, we must keep in mind that there is a world of difference between first-century, apostolic Christianity and the various spin-off groups that rose after that early period.
The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife? When Sensationalism Masquerades as Scholarship - Albert Mohler
This is sensationalism masquerading as scholarship. One British newspaper noted that the claims about a married Jesus seemed more worthy of fans of Dan Brown’s fictional work, The Da Vinci Code than “real-life Harvard professors.” If the fragment is authenticated, the existence of this little document will be of interest to historians of the era, but it is insanity to make the claims now running through the media.
Was Jesus Married? Nothing to See Here. - R. Scott Clark
So, we cannot be surprised that Karen King has found a fourth-century fragment from Alexandria. Of course she did! There were lots of folk running about in the 4th century, many of them Alexandria, teaching all many of crazy things (e.g., Jesus had a wife).

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