Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lincoln Brewster featured in the Line 6 Newsletter

This was cool - the most recent Line 6 newsletter has a "recommended" section in which they have this:
Lincoln Brewster discusses his live rig and the great gear responsible for creating his sought-after sounds.
Here they link to a YouTube clip where Lincoln discusses the gear he uses live. This was random to see Lincoln, who is a great worship leader and guitarist, featured in this. We have done a good bit of his music at church. The reason he is featured is because of the Line 6 PodX3 Live that he uses (I have the XT Live). He also discusses the '57 reissue Fender Strats he uses (like those hon??) :P.

But there's more - while looking at the video, I saw a link on the right to Lincoln playing a Journey song. So, being the child of the 80's that I am, I had to click that. Turns out that Lincoln used to play for Steve Perry - how crazy is that!

Here's the clip of Lincoln's rig:

Here's the Journey clip:

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