Friday, June 6, 2008

UPDATE This is the best Democrats can do?

This is the plaque commemorating fallen police officers in Portland, Oregon

This is the entire memorial site

This is a disgrace!!!

When (less than one term) Senator Obama had his huge 75,000 person rally in Oregon, this is where someone decided to place the port-a-potties?!? What in the world were they thinking? This is truly sad.

Update: Apparently Senator Obama hasapologized for this incident and his campaign claims that they had nothing to do with it. However, everyone should be offended that someone thought it was a good idea to do this. The first I heard about this incident was yesterday, so thanks for the update Brian...

By the way, here is some good commentary on Obama's "acceptance speech" recently.

Maybe he should wrap up his tour of the States. I guess he has visited 58 of them so far...

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