Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Do guitarists really play Guitar Hero?

So I was walking around BestBuy tonight and decided to test drive one of the guitar hero games. I just don't get it. Maybe it's because I'm a guitarist? I played Black Hole Sun (on Rock Band) on medium and got boo'd off the stage rather quickly. I guess if I have spare time to play an instrument I'll just pick up one of my guitars... ;)


While I was in BestBuy, I picked up a Dynex headphone adapter for my iPhone and a somewhat decent set of earbud headphones. I figure I can have some decent phones for the bus ride to Lotusphere and walking around (if needed...) :)

LOL - Edwards is on CNN compaining about the 99.5%+ of Americans who haven't voted yet (and assuming that they should vote for him...) and then talking about a woman who couldn't get a liver transplant in time. Could that be because slick ambulance chasers like Edwards have completely drove up insurance prices because of his antics and huge lawsuits?

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