Thursday, September 27, 2007

Domino 8: 101 - Admin Preferences and Client Versions

There are 2 features that I would like to review quickly in this session.

First are two additions to the Domino Administrator Preferences that can be time savers. One is the option to "Automatically run in live console mode". This will default to launching the Administrator Client to the Server > Status > Server Console screen for the server listed in the "On startup" field. How many times have you wanted to just open the Administrator client to get a console window. Now this can be your default behavior! The other option allows you to specify databases that will launch automatically. In the image below I'm wanting to open ddm and log on the specified server.

The other is a "Client Version" view that's in the address book. It's listed under People > by Client Version. I have manually created this view in the past. This should provide some value to administrators in being able to know what versions of the client are being utilized in the environment.

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