Friday, November 3, 2006

What Have You Done For Me Lately (Spratt)?

OK, I understand that something needs to be done with Social Security if I want to get anything. Not that I am going to rely on the government, but I have to face the fact that it will be dried up by the time I retire. That will be a long time from now, but I would like to know what John Spratt would like to do for the Social Security of his grandchildren. Under his watch they won't have any and an increasingly larger number of voters won't have any either. Personally, I would like the government to step out of the retirement business and let me decide if I want to contribute to the welfare plan for retired persons. Social Security has become a means for the big gov-co officials to buy votes by means of scare tactics. We all know those evil Republicans just want to make the elderly suffer in poverty. Gimme a break.

Back to my question - what have you done for me lately as a young voter, Representative Spratt?

Another reason to support HR 25/S 25!

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