Tuesday, March 8, 2005

They're Back!!

I had some time last night to search around some Christian music sites, and I found out some awesome information. Three of my favorite bands from high school and college appear to be making a comeback.

Holy Soldier
I still listen to all these bands, but Holy Soldier definitely gets more playtime currently. Check out HolySoldierFan.com for some info as well as a bulletin board (are they still called that?). On that site one gets the following info: "Plans are in the works for a Holy Soldier Reunion, with a reunion/benefit show on the horizon, and possibly even a new record! Keep the guys in your prayers and let's talk it up!"

From what I've read, the reunion will be with the original 5 members. While I love the newer album with Eric Wayne on vocals, Steven Patrick was an awesome metal vocalist and needs to be heard again.

Holy Soldier official site

It also appears that Guardian may be doing some touring and possibly a new album. Here are some quotes from an interview with vocalist Jamie Rowe from December 2004.

"Guardian is planning to reunite for some studio work. Nothing live is planned at this point, but you never know. Everyone, including myself, has their own things going so it would have to fit in somewhere...We are throwing around ideas right now. But I think Velvet Revolver would be a good gauge. We are doing it with John and Dino Elefante through their 3.1 productions company"


Yes, the Christian version of Ratt may also be making a comeback. After some differences, guitarist Rex Carroll and vocalist Scott Wenzel are talking again. From an interview this year we find out that they are hoping to do some touring an a studio album.

Scott Wenzell had the following to say:

"In December (2004) Rex sent me a CD of some unbelievable music that we are going to record as a new White Cross album! Pray for me as I am starting to write lyrics now. The style of music is in the vein of "Hammer And Nail" with a more modern, hard-edged sound."

In a press release on their Official Site we read: "Whitecross will perform a few selected live dates in 2005 as well as begin working on a new full length Whitecross album featuring both Rex Carroll and Scott Wenzel."

What a year this will be - it's like I'm in high school again!

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