Sunday, February 27, 2005


As I've been sitting at work most of the weekend, I am convinced that I have found my biggest mistake at work. The word doesn't even have a real vowel either!

Zzyzx (rhymes with Skeezix) - This is a storage vendor for IBM iSeries systems (formerly known as eStorage, formerly known as BCC Technologies). I decided a couple of years ago to get these "cheaper" disk drives for some of our iSeries systems.

Now, I'm just wanting to get these things completely away from my company! We have 6 iSeries systems here. Three of them have Zzyzx drives and the other 3 have IBM drives. All I will say is that in the 3 systems with IBM drives we don't have ANY disk problems. In the past 3 months I've had to rebuild (reinstall LIC and/or OS) on 2 of my 3 systems with Zzyzx drives. We have some corrupted files also which either are causing the drive problems or are caused by the drive problems.

Just my rant for having to work this weekend...

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